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Virginia from Pennsylvannia, USA

Topic: Breast, Stomach / Intestine
Date: 2004

Dear Denis, I want to let you know how valuable EPH has been for me. Every session that you and I have done together, even though at a distance, has produced greater peace in my life, as well as obvious physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing. As a result, I have felt more powerful and more in command of my life again. You are a “natural” in the area of healing.
Knowing that all things are energy, and our thoughts and feelings create our reality, I was very open to Denis Healy's theory of EPH, and his competent guidance. His voice and all that he was saying was very soothing, and brought me quickly to a place of external quiet and real peace. He then led me into the areas that needed physical healing. Each time we did this work, I felt an intense heat, a warmth course through my body. At this point, I knew we were being successful in our efforts. We worked on 2 primary areas of difficulty- a small lump in the breast, and stomach/intestinal difficulties. The lump in the breast was causing a great deal of low-level pain. Several days after our session, I spent one full day in intense pain, in that particular area. After and since, there is no pain, no sensitivity whatsoever. Subsequently, we did a session around the stomach-intestinal problem. Since that time, this area of my body feels at peace, and I am able to eat foods that I have not eaten for a long time, that being apples and various fruits.

We then did a financial healing. All worry that I've had dropped away, and I am back to a belief system of abundance. I know that greater wealth is on the horizon. Denis and EPH have helped me to get to a place of “knowing” peace and faith, once again. I recommend to all people his book and his methods.

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