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Tammie from Melbourne, Australia


I have RP (Retinitis Pigmentosa) which is a heriditary disease which leads to ever
increasing debilitating vision loss, starting with the peripheral vision.  I am legally
blind and at this time there is no surgery or medical cure for this condition.
When Denis first brought up the healing, I was pretty skeptical, but thought
well it would not hurt, so I asked for the healing, along with putting my doubts to
the back of my mind and began believing.
Denis called me on the phone, and he has a very calm, soothing voice, my
tensions quickly left and I found myself relaxing.  It was like floating on a cloud,
very uplifting.  I had my eyes closed, but I saw light, I think of it as the healing
energy light.  First it was a very bright blue, then it turned red, then a bright white
light appeared.  During this I felt as if I were being held in total love and peace, it
was not painful nor stressful in the least.  At the end, when I finally could bring
myself to open my eyes I saw a marked improvement.  Whereas before, I used a
white cane to get around, I no longer need to.  Denis and I agree that I do need
more healing in the eyes and elsewhere and this will continue.  I am very happy and
pleasantly surprised at the results of just one session.  I do plan to follow up with
more sessions, and then go to an eye doctor to validate the healing.  Won't my eye
doctor be surprised.  With sincere thanks. Tammi  Minnesota USA   Healing May99 by phone from Australia

Date: 29th of June, 1999

Denis began by putting me in a very relaxed state, as I told him afterwards, it is very hard to describe in words what happened next. It felt like I was out of my body, floating, very light and airy, at peace, happy. I was told by what I like to call Spirit that I was being cleansed of all negativity and blockages that had caused me many years of torment, in their place was being put positive, happy things. During this time, it was reinforced on me that I was special, worthy of love, beautiful, intelligent, and would now on only attract positive things to me. It was very hard for me to come out of what I felt was a very euphoric, loving and joyful state, but when I did I could feel the change in me instantly. It has given me a new outlook on life and myself, no longer can I look negatively at myself because Spirit took that (programmed conditioning from childhood) away from me. The statements told me as a child no longer bear any weight on who I am today. And oh, the eyes, even better. Thank you so much!



EYES....Tammi   Minnesota  USA Denis has been working with me on healing for my eyes from Retinitis Pigmentosa along with other
areas of my life that needed healing, cleansing and clearing.  All I can say is WOW!  The change has been
wonderful!  I could not get around without a white cane, I am now going places without it, I have seen a
remarkable improvement in my sight since Denis started with me via phone.  Along with this has come
a new found joy in life and many guilts and sadnesses that had plagued me for years were lifted instantly. I can now do what I love with greater ease.  My career choice has been to work on the Computer publishing
and designing web sites, with my eyes the way they were it was very hard, but yet, it was something I felt I
was very talented at so I stuck with it.  It is much easier now, as is watching TV, and even walking now is a
joy, although a white cane helps, living in the country as I do it cannot find every obstacle, but that is a
thing of the past as now I can walk without worry.  I am looking forward to going to the eye doctor and
getting a baffled look and statement from him and when he gets over the shock and declares me all better
and not legally blind anymore going and getting my driver's license once more.  I just cannot thank  
Denis enough for the wonderful things he has brought about.  He has a heart of gold, he is a miracle
worker, and he is for real!

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