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Tammi from Minnesota, USA

Topic: Retinitis Pigmentos (Tunnel Vision)
Date: 22nd of June, 1999

(By phone from Australia. Duration:1 hour)
I had asked for healing of my eyes as I have retinitis pigmentos with tunnel vision along with a lot of rod and cone damage to my eyes, retinal tears and cataracts. I also had asked for some healing/clearing of past childhood sexual and physical abuse, as well as problems and memories of abuses suffered through my adult life.
Denis began by getting me to totally relax. I felt like I was floating, on a cloud, apart from myself. The he mentioned something about a golden cone clearing away all negative conditions in my life, when this happened it felt like a something was sucking all the bad memories and feelings from me replacing them with such a light, carefree, joyous attitude. Then he mentioned golden threads spreading throughout my body, I felt much tingling, like little pin point needles touching me all over, it was not painful at all, just very electrical. I saw a bright white light with turquoise blue in its center. As this light grew more powerful I saw flashes of bright white light, again it reminded me of electrical.
When he began with my eyes, I felt a coolness touching them, and again saw the bright light hued in turquoise blue. I felt so much peace, joy and love it was unimaginable. A person cannot describe it in words. Only by experiencing it can one understand the depth of the feeling. I was full of peace, and laughter.
When I came out of the healing, I felt like a ton of weights had been lifted from me, the depression, anger, and self-loathing I had felt were no longer there. They were gone, totally, completely, I have a new outlook on life, I am happy and free of those things that had weighed me down for so long.
My eyes are so much better. For a person who has lived with tunnel vision to actually see above, below and to their sides, is mind boggling, to say the least. It was like I went to sleep and woke up a whole new person, not the same, I had clarity of thought and vision. Words could never express the gratitude I feel or how thankful I am for Denis’s help. He is indeed a miracle worker.

Date: 15th of September, 1999

Denis has an amazing gift. It is unlike anything you would ever receive from the medical profession, whereas the medical profession heals the condition. Denis takes it further and heals the entire person.
The healing began as usual. I went into a very relaxed state. It was as if I was floating beyond time and space and it was hard to focus on what Denis was saying, but his voice was the only connection I had. I felt apart from everything, and then I saw a bright white light, it surrounded me, and in the light was peace and joy. Then I suddenly felt even lighter, and different somehow, different as in not the same as I was before, and truly I had changed at that moment. Then I felt what seemed to me electrical currents coursing though my body, but it was not painful, but it was definitely electrical. Then again the white light surrounded me and again more changes took place, I felt tingling inside my head, tingling in my eyes, and again a lightness in my body.
The peripheral in my vision has been improved even more, but the big surprise was the change in myself, and my outlook on things; I feel so very vital and alive, full of energy, it is like I got a new breath of life, I feel more like 21 than 41.; And along with that, my outlook has changed remarkably. I have begun to set goals for myself, I have become motivated; what used to drag me down, I now look at it as a challenge and say I can do this! Such as my weight, by no means am I obese, but am slightly overweight and have been trying for years to lose. Somehow I feel thinner, I can look in the mirror and see a beautiful person there; it is as if years were taken off. But of course, this is where the motivation comes in, I now have the outlook that can help me lose those stubborn pounds.

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