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Tammi from Minnesota, USA

Topic: Positive Attitude/Emotional Healing
Date: 29th of June, 1999

Denis began by putting me in a very relaxed state, as I told him afterwards, it is very hard to describe in words what happened next. It felt like I was out of my body, floating, very light and airy, at peace, happy. I was told by what I like to call Spirit that I was being cleansed of all negativity and blockages that had caused me many years of torment, in their place was being put positive, happy things. During this time, it was reinforced on me that I was special, worthy of love, beautiful, intelligent, and would now on only attract positive things to me.
It was very hard for me to come out of what I felt was a very euphoric, loving and joyful state, but when I did I could feel the change in me instantly. It has given me a new outlook on life and myself, no longer can I look negatively at myself because Spirit took that (programmed conditioning from childhood) away from me. The statements told me as a child, no longer bear any weight on who I am today. And, oh, the eyes, even better. Thank you so much!
Tammi D Minnesota.

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