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S.H. from Queensland, Australia

Topic: Hips / Mind / Body / Soul Healing
Date: 2nd of April, 1999

Was feeling so sick in my tummy. I had been very sick previous day. I couldn't keep things down, nor get out of bed. When I rang, I was extremely nervy and upset. Churned up. As Denis and I talked a heat hit my being. We had agreed that I wanted healing. I could feel this heat, just radiating as we talked, without any effort, at the back of head and rather was so very hot...stayed with me for 10 minutes then moved slowly down my body...right down to my feet...I felt like I was radiating and glowing. The sick feeling in my stomach left me and I felt light and peaceful. The heat stayed with me all day. Was amazed as this time the heat came upon me so very fast. It seems to activate from his voice.

Date: 9th of April, 1999

After 25 years of anguish, since premature birth, I was desperate for a pain release. Surgery had done nothing to alleviate the pain in my hips. I was still unable to participate in so many activities that others take for granted. Sports were beyond my capabilities, and even something so fundamental as sex seemed too uncomfortable to attempt. I was certain that childbirth would be excruciating. I think that I had given up hope before meeting Denis. I asked for the hips to be completely fixed, following on from successful healing on my shoulder.
I lay down and followed the instructions. I was filled with a warm incandescence. It burned slowly at first, barely smoldering, but then it flared to become a fierce heat. I suppose it should have hurt, but it didn't. All it did was burn within me. I felt it most directly around the hips area. I could actually feel his presence. I could feel my hips being moved around, then they seemed to float. The hip area was "floaty" and detached.
I could feel the healer sitting close to me, holding my hips with hands that should have scorched me. I could feel a manipulating of my lower body, feeling like stretching cramped muscles and ligaments. I felt a deftness that even surgeons couldn't match. And then it seemed like he was opening me. Reaching inside to realign misplaced joints and renew brittle nerves. My shock at this sensation must have been visible to him, as he told me to relax and let him continue. I was surprised at this "actual physical presence". I could feel a widening of the hips. It shouldn't have been possible. It should have hurt like hell, but all I could feel were his hands on my hips, and they burned red hot.
He laid his hands on my belly. I felt heat along the spine. I felt a profound gratitude sweep over me.
He asked me by phone to try moving the hips…wide …wiggle…walk… etc and dI was amazed at the incredible difference, so tearful. He said to me: the healing warmth lasts only a few hours, but the WARMTH OF WELLBEING AND ACHIEVEMENT WISDOM PEACE JOY LASTS BEYOND A LIFETIME.
A lot happened during the healing. A lot was said. However, inexplicably, a lot I cant remember. Denis says it's a "spiritual anesthetic". The next day there was no pain. I felt happy and light, like a heaviness had gone. I felt bright, optimistic for the future. Actually, fantastic! I felt the heat work through to my soul. Then all the colours of the rainbow burst inside me, lifting me up to a higher state of mind. Intense blue. My soul was content and home. My doctor had scheduled me for another operation, when the inevitable crumbling around the hip socket occurred, in a year. The way I am feeling, I've had my last operation. Yee ha!
Denis has promised any follow up work, as these things are not predictable, and it may be needed. But…hey…these sort of "operations" are a total joy! And…. instantly…life changing.
UPDATE 13 April 99 "The hips… are doing very well. They opened more and much better. I can't do the splits…but they aren't heavy any more, and they feel lighter, and I do believe they are healed. The hips haven't lapsed back into pain. Today, I felt like I was out of my body, watching ongoing healing. Still very happy and joyous.
How does one say thank you from deep within when there are no words in any language in this world that can…..or ever could.

Date: 30th of July, 2001

My name is SH and I live in Queensland, Australia. Born at 6 months instead of 9 with congenital hips and operated on many times. Came out of hospital when I was 8 years old for the first time.
Came home to a loving family but felt uncomfortable and alone due to being used to a hospital system. Love was a strange word to me: wanted always to run from it too...Seemed to want to learn at school fast, and leave home.
Paralysed for a year and half. Pain from my neck to shoulders, back and legs. Doctors had me on Morphine and many other medications...went off the drugs in one bang and slowly sought healing within me, and my peace around me. Still had pain in my shoulders and couldn't lay on them in bed at all.
HEALING...11am 22nd March 1999.By telephone from Melbourne (3000 miles approx)
I lay down on my bed, to listen to Denis. My tummy was tight, nervous, my shoulder, mostly my right side, in pain. Ready, but still apprehensive of what might happen. The unknowing. I felt cold (in the tropics)-dark colours. As Denis started talking to me, his voice felt like it was clear, calm, and near me. As he talked slowly, it felt like each sentence was a waterfall washing over me, cool and clear. Washing all fears...pain etc...out to sea. The healing process started slowly.
Talking to Denis and listening to his voice seem to help me relax at first...then as I tried to shut my eyes, no matter how I tried, they wouldn't shut. This was the case for some 30 minutes. Slowly I felt warmth around my feet and it got hotter and lighter in weight. I felt the heat slowly move up my legs... warmth was moved very slowly covering me....The white light was around my shoulders and moved around my head and they (heat and light) joined and I felt like I was a glowing light ...feeling light, happy and at peace...I moved on to my sore shoulder to find it didn't hurt for the first time in 2.5 years. I was laying on my sore shoulder...tears fell...for joy of what I was feeling .In my...excitement...I lifted my arm (which I couldn't do for two years) over my colours were first white, and then changing to beautiful, pastel colours...I had a colour vision of myself as a beautiful butterfly...light...colourful ...passionate...intelligent...brilliance... creativity...wisdom...clarity...depth...and savvy,to find that quiet center of solace, serenity and strength within. I felt like I was outside, free. So full of pastel bright colors. Like chains of the past had fallen off. Warmth, love, joy, and peace.
The heat stayed with me all day and into the following day. I just felt happy all over for 3 days.(It hasn't left). Also, I had told Denis that I was very timid/scared with people, and this was put into the healing. That extreme fear has gone. I feel like I am basking in the sunshine, and realizing the boundless treasure and spiritual replenishment, of a perfect spiritual hour. Almost anything becomes a continuous and increasing joy.
* The night of the healing, I had the best nights sleep.
* The energy manifestation left a feeling". Can there be any more happiness?

Date: 30th of July, 2001

The healing started as usual, and I was lying comfortably on my bed. The healing was requested to further heal aspects of my life, following on from previous amazing results. Denis does not place any limits on the possibilities, and I now find it is so easy and quick to let go, let this energy work. I felt heat so strong that it was like a fire. Strangely, the heat went to a knee, and it felt detached, like my leg had been taken off, and I could feel it being worked on. Denis directed the energy, and it became very intense, as he said that the cause, effect, record and memory of all the conditions and problems experienced up 'til now were to be invoked for trauma clearing. I could see the healing energy was like a tremendous force, and it was going to blow the top, like Mt. Vesuvius. And it did…and I was transported into another realm. It was as though I was there. The sights, sounds, smells. I was in a thatched hut and there were invading marauders coming in, landing by sea. I felt absolute horror as I found myself being given as a "sacrifice" by my mother to them. I felt the terror as I was strapped to a table, and given over to these men. What Denis told me…I was screaming, crying, yelling…"No Mommy" repeatedly. In meltdown mode!
He couldn't tell what happened over the phone, and I had lost contact with his healing voice. He did not know that I had entered into a past life, but could tell quickly I needed to be brought back. He guided me back, with soothing, relaxing, commands. I leveled out, heavy breathing slowing, terror subsiding. Slowly he got me to tell him what I had felt been through. It had been exhausting.
I could see what happened, as it affected this life. I had actually set myself up for diabolic problems (physical/mental/emotional) in this life, as a result of that event. I had caused my hips "to weld together" requiring repeated operations, daily morphine etc…and preclude sex, childbirth, "normal relationships" re create agony and pain, and set up a life of solitude, without men. I live on my own on a country property. The energy of this event was so powerful as to follow me (probably through other lives) to this time. Just like a precise computer programme that operates beneath the surface when a computer is turned on (eg. the pre natal commencing of another life).
Now, I feel like an incredible new energy is flowing. The programme has been neutralized, can no longer control me (including future lives?) Such a release. Because of that event, I had suppressed my sexuality. I lived according to past trauma. I had rejected myself, my needs, and created other effects (eg. flat chest, and cancer in both breasts-fixed by surgery). Now, all that dead energy is "flat-lined"…fresh new energy that I can feel, bursting through. I had MS…that has been cleared.
I have actually felt my bust growing, as the prison of my mind melted. Like they are blooming as new buds, into full flowers. My feelings have gone from a girl to…smile…a woman, with all the repressions melting in intense ways. It does feel like Vesuvius blew, and all the painful memories blew for all time. The guilt, anxiety, fear…manifesting in many ways in my life.
I am so happy, so much of the time, some weeks after all this. The release was exhausting for some days, but now I have more energy, and very high optimism. This was a healing that appears to have targeted a key specific nasty point in "my souls journey". I am so grateful. I can feel a love energy flowing that was blocked out. My life just changes so much. Turned upside down in massive clearance… and I love it .I am astounded.

Date: 14 of April, 1999

The heat flowed into my tummy filling and filling - such intense heat filling me like a balloon...into each cell of my body.
Filled my mind body and soul ...stayed there for 10 minutes, then it moved to my right leg, filling it and it felt heavy and like an operation was taking place - all of a sudden I felt like laughing and I couldn't stop laughing.
The leg feelings were amazing, very different than before ...felt heavy and like someone was sitting on it or turning my leg knee started shaking within for 15 minutes, might sound strange but it was like someone took my leg off and fixed it and put it back on and it was fine again....
Didn't see any colours but more a feeling of inflating like a balloon...mind body and soul all coming together and working for the whole Person's being.
Thank you kindly.

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