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S.C. from Melbourne, Australia

Topic: Severe Period Pains and Cramps
Date: April, 1999

All my adult life, I experienced severe difficulties with the period cycle. Around 5 days each month, it became so severe I would just have to pull away from life. My sensitivities were extreme e.g. noise, relationships, etc and others suffered from being around me, as it interfered with my usual happy outlook.

The healing commenced with Denis….and I saw all the discordant, terrible energy as congealed solid, from my body and mind, into a dinner plate. As instructed, I threw the plate out to sea, seeing it smash onto rocks, disintegrate, and sink …GONE FOR GOOD. In its place, I was sheafed in white light, from the top of my head to the tips of my toes. I saw a purifying white light energy like a stream of cool water flow through every atom, clearing/cleaning/purifying my energy with light glinting like diamonds in cascading water.

I was told that the troublesome "sludgy hormone energy" causing a miserable period cycle, was totally replaced by time activated bullets of exploding pearl hued lovely hormones, that saturated my being, bloodstream, energy with 100% uplifting, balancing, repairing PERMANENT energy, and that the previous terrible cycle of many years was a thing of the past. I could see and feel while all this going on, and I could actually see myself fully immersed in a pool of water, with Denis… HEALING.I was there…..! It felt wonderful, and where at the start of the session I felt "real lousy"….now….I felt fresh, with the headache/aches and sensitivities etc gone. I felt NORMAL. The feelings and cycles I always experienced at the onset of the period had disappeared.

The next few days, there has been no trace of the debilitating side effects. The period has started. I never thought it possible that this could occur. I completely resigned myself to this monthly routine, where I would keep away from people, noise, and just sit in a park or by the beach, or bedroom etc. When a healing was offered, I actually rejected it, as I was feeling terrible, all discussion and thinking was difficult, and I just wanted to creep away. But…there was a sort of force which commanded me to try… And …30 minutes later… UNBELIEVABLE!!!  Really, it seemed like a job for Superman (smile).

I am very pleased to say I feel this severe period trouble is a thing of the past.                 


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