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Sarah from Seattle, USA

Topic: Clearing
Date: 6th of August, 2004

If you are looking for a problem dissolver or maybe just a sprinkle of “magic & miracles” to season your life with light and lightness of being, let me introduce you to Denis Healy!

I consider myself among the lucky ones who have experienced Denis' rare gift of helping people tune in to their highest selves. As Denis proceeded to guide me through a simple relaxation process that used my own language expressed in the pre-session, which he had carefully notated, deep inside, slowly I began to feel a shift. My whole being started to resonate with bell-like clarity as waves of light washed over me.

It was in that indescribable “aha” feeling of knowing I had not only located the source of an issue that had been holding me back and weighing me down; I had also released it. What joy! The whole world was knocking on my windowpane, asking me to come out and play.

I was curled up in a chair listening to a Mozart quartet as a gentle summer rain tap-tapped on the roof of my soul. Inside I felt safe and happy… healed and whole at last.

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