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R.C. from North of Sydney, Australia

Topic: Painful back spasms / General and emotional healing / Abundance
Date: 9th of October, 2002

When I first spoke to Denis, I was suffering from painful muscle spasms in my back and general slow
circulation. I sat quietly in a comfortable chair while we talked on the phone about the circulation and
spasms. As we were talking, I could feel tingling down my thighs. The sensation was very localized to
start with and then proceeded down to my calf muscles. When it reached my feet, an incredible warmth
just spread throughout as if my feet were glowing. I didn't feel much sensation in my back at that
particular time. We talked about letting limitations and blockages go and I imagined I'd been trapped
inside a box, where the sides just fell away and I had the sensation of soaring. It was wonderful. When I
stood up, it felt like I was standing on sponges. My feet felt so soft and warm it was like walking on
cushions. After the phone call, I walked around the house, feeling an incredible lightness in my whole
being. I wondered about not having felt any sensation in my back, and decided that maybe it just comes
in it's own time. It wasn't until about a week later that I was talking to a friend about it and as I lent
forward to pick something up, I realized I didn't have the spasms anymore. I could never stretch or arch
my torso without feeling those spasms before. Considering I sit hunched at a computer for many hours a
day, I am amazed I have no pain in my back and no feelings of sluggish circulation. His healing has
worked beautifully.

I have just had another healing session with Denis via telephone. This time, it was a general, emotional,
physical and spiritual healing as I have no specific ailments anymore. But I consider having regular
energy boosts as preventative medicine- just the same as getting your car tuned regularly instead of
waiting for it to break down. This time I lay on my bed while talking and listening to him. I felt that
familiar tingling, only this time it was right through my body. As we talked about blockages to life's
abundance, I felt a churning in my solar plexus- the seat of emotions. It wasn't an unpleasant or
pleasant feeling, it just felt like a thick band of energy churning slightly. As we moved away from
speaking about blockages, Denis mentioned my hands and I could sense the tingling getting stronger
there with more heat emanating from them. It was strange, I became so aware of how my hands felt,
from the inside out, not from touch. The energy surging throughout my whole body was amazing. It felt
like a crystal waterfall from my neck down. I was conscious of my liver gurgling at various times.
When the session finished, I felt so peaceful and relaxed. I know this healing will continue without the
phone for the next few days and I'm looking forward to the feelings that come with it. As I'm typing this
now, I can feel my body getting tired. It's almost like it's telling me to lay still for awhile and let the
healing energy continue doing its work. So that's what I'll do.

*This session particularly set up on the topic ABUNDANCE-No Limits
Ever since the age of 25, I've been studying self knowledge, awareness, new age philosophy, channeling and techniques for achieving some kind of enlightenment, if not "complete" enlightenment. All the Information I've learned and been interested in has definitely helped me become the calm peaceful centre of understanding and tolerance that I am, no matter what the turmoil around me. However, there has always been something that eluded me ... and that was the manifestation of money. I've never been materially oriented. Spirit has always held more fascination for me, but when reality hits, like the ton of bricks that bills can feel like, spirituality helps me emotionally deal with it, but doesn't pay my bills.

I've known for a long time that I've had some kind of block towards receiving money. I thought maybe I just felt I wasn't good enough. That other people deserved money, not me. So I worked on that within myself. Then sometimes I thought money was evil and spirituality more important. That's been an old adage "money is the root of all evil". On some kind of intellectual level, I know none of this is true. I know that I have the ability to create my reality, and constantly do. I just couldn't work out why I couldn't create the money needed, to not just survive, but thrive in my world.

I met Denis through a friend. And 2 days ago, I received healing via the telephone from him. We worked in general on physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing .Denis talked about blocks and limitations being stripped away .. .I imagined great logs (blocking a crystal waterfall and damming up the flow), floating away. I imagined I had armor around me, and it just dissolving into nothingness. After the session was over, I felt very relaxed and peaceful. At around 4.30am two days later, I was drifting in and out of sleep and was aware of the thoughts drifting with me. I had this thought "wow, imagine if I had no debts .. no absence of any kind" ... at that split second, I had a sense of my existence totally disappearing like a puff of smoke. There was even a slight sense of fear, as in, "who would I be without my debts.
This thought made me sit bolt upright ... I finally discovered my block. I had attached my identity sense to absence. Through doing that, it had become fact for me. Proof that I DO create my reality. Without absence, I wouldn't exist- no wonder I had trouble creating wealth.

I was so amazed at this revelation. I jumped up straight away and emailed Denis. I sat back in bed and couldn't help wondering at what that sense meant to me. I could imagine that "absence" sense of who I was, who had been sitting on the throne of my existence for so long, had suddenly slipped off and had merged back into the nothingness where it came from. And guess what, I was still here, my existence didn't depend on that absence. I was so totally amazed. I could sit on that throne myself, the real me, complete, perfect and whole, my natural state.

Physically, I even felt kind of shrunken inside, as if that absence was no longer there to hold me up. It was extremely comfortable though, not an uncomfortable kind of shrinking.

I deliberately brought to mind as many things that I could think of that always caused me pain to think about. Losses of friendship, lack of money ... specific bills sitting in my tray on the bench ... each one I brought to mind, and each time, all I could do was smile. No sudden pangs of loss and yearning when I thought of the close bond and friendship I had with a man I love overseas who I stopped being in contact with 6 months ago, because there was no money to physically meet. No fear pangs when I thought of the bills that are so way overdue. I looked inside and there was nothing but a sense of peace and abundance.

So this is my new identity sense ... "abundance. As I create my reality, I know that life is going to be different. I'm so thankful to Denis for helping me release something that has been a false sense of me for many years, that I knew was there, but didn't understand what it was. Now that I do, and I've held it up to the light .. it's gone ...

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