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MJ, Tyabb, VIC, Australia

Topic: Mesathelioma (Lung) Healing
Date: 10th of February, 2000

Dear Denis,
You asked me to sit down and write how I felt and thought about our telephone healing last Tuesday night. Well-here goes.
After our first telephone conversation, I knew you had something special, because as we were talking, I could feel tingling and light in my lower lung/diaphragm area (where my major problem with rock dust Mesathelioma is.) So, although nervous, I decided to give it my best shot and phoned you back, because as I said, I need verbal to help me best, and I know it. So then, having much practice already with Silva Method Mind Control, I was able to quickly settle into a relaxed and comfortable position lying down. I just listened to your voice and first the invocation…concentrated on the words and the effect they would have on me. The 2 words that I felt inside myself were WISDOM in the thymus area (under the breastbone)-a kind of popping feeling…and HAPPY, which I felt like light and tingling. Both only being momentary, but enough sign for me. That's the direction I knew I was going.
There was a lot of heavy tingling in my feet to begin, after that, then a sudden feeling of a light gush of air followed by intense but pure light in my head which spread downwards through my whole body, which went on for some time. During that time, a heavy feeling developed at the back of my left knee, which just didn't seem to want to budge, or go.
I left that until later, and came back to it, although it kept persisting from time to time, but less strongly, as I wasn't focusing on it. Then the heavy black chains and padlock. WOW! Were they thick, with large links, but only one padlock in the middle about over my waist, but none actually touching my skin. At the right words from you, the padlock sprang open, the clip side towards me, and all the chains just simply lifted up in the middle and fell outwards onto the floor, and out of vision, and simply disappeared before you could tell me about them going or breaking up-or something. During this time, I could still feel the flow of energy, and afterwards as well.
The one thing you told me earlier was about your THREE Spiritual Doctors. Well, the one other thing I did was acknowledge their presence, which I am sure made a big difference, and also thanked them at the end. The other thing, I felt I needed to turn over, so that my back was uppermost, as if the energy needed to reach there as well (although this was uncomfortable to begin, because of 2 operation cuts between my ribs, and numbness on the inner side of my right ribcage, left from the second operation). After finding a more comfortable position with the cushion, that intenseness simply went by the time I moved again.
Then we went back to my left leg, on the question was there anything else? After concentration on that, the heaviness lightened dramatically, but didn't quite go completely. Over the last 2 nights and days since then, all kinds of wonderful things have happened. All the problems that have been put in my subconscious mind have come to the surface and solved themselves, by just looking at them, and not getting too involved-all kinds of answers have come into my mind. The chains certainly did fall away - just what I needed. So now I feel many problems have been solved, and I expect more to solve themselves also. Thank you for following your mind, and doing in life what your life job is to do. It certainly helps others.
Just one thing-if you are not having success with others, get them to practice once or twice a day beforehand so they can develop some confidence in themselves first. Some people do need that. The other thing, I haven't let go of the 3 healers - previously I was only using 2, the pink and yellow and the blue/green. Now I feel the whole idea is complete. Thank you also for that. Thank you for the Rainbow.
Note from Denis - MJ originally called re cancer that had seriously affected the lung linings. She reported after the healing that for the first time in ages, she could take deep breaths, pain was gone, and the constricted feeling was replaced by cool air around her lungs.

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