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Michelle from Illinois, USA

Topic: Weight/Thyroid/Hysterectomy
Date: 23rd of April, 2001

On Monday, April 16, 2001, I spoke with Denis and during our phone conversation he was apprised of a weight problem that has become very unhealthy. At that time, Denis, who is very perceptive, requested that I recline on the bed and totally relax.
His gentle voice instructed me to feel myself relax in all aspects, allowing the healing lights to begin their work. This voice caused me to seek the lights that began in the brain and in equidistant streaks, began to travel from the brain to the throat . . . seeking the thyroid that had been dysfunctional since my total hysterectomy in 1981.
Whilst located at the throat, the light began to penetrate and a numbness began which lasted somewhere in the five minute time frame. After that I experienced a sharp and lasting pain such as one might feel when jabbed with a sharp instrument. This pain lasted another five to ten minutes, making it somewhat difficult to talk. Once eased, the light began to move once more -- changing colors from a bright, hot white to a more soothing blue. It traveled towards the abdomen area where I was instructed to permit the healing to begin making changes in the body thus permitting the excess weight to drop off. I was instructed to let this weight float away and I began to feel weightless as well as immobile. At that point, there was little feeling from the waist down and moving my legs became impossible for a short time.
Eventually, the light moved down my legs and changed to a yellowish color that attached to the muscles in my legs, offering comfort and easing them of the pressure of excess weight. Once completed, the light left my body and once more I was able to move and felt myself on top of the bedding.
After reassuring me that changes would gradually be made, Denis made sure I was perfectly coherent and that I would remember after our phone call ended. We said good bye and hung up.
The next day several changes began to make themselves known...the major one was that the bowels began to eliminate and the feeling of being cleansed took over.
I felt weak for about a day and then began to feel more energized. The bowels remained active for several days and went as far as extreme discomfort and all the Immodium or Pepto Bismal that could be taken did not help calm the bodily functions.
About six days later, the body slowly got back to "normal" permitting me to continue my regular lifestyle without any problems. I eat now, but certainly not in excess and always with the thought that it must be wholesome or not taken at all.
Headaches which were prevalent during the beginning of the restructuring, have ceased and sleep is much more rewarding. In other words, the body is working on it's own with the instructions Denis gave it.

One might ask if this is a shock -- NO. Denis has, in the past, healed very crippled hands, severe migraines, eased asthma. I was the recipient and know his techniques to work. I might add that the times when healing was not complete it was a direct result of an internal fighting. There were times when my own energies refused to be spoken to, or directed.

Topic: Thyroid/Weight Follow up
Date: 2nd of May, 2001

On Wednesday, April 18th, Denis provided a significant healing (via telephone to the United States) to restructure the thyroid and other malfunctioning bodily systems. At that time, the light of hope coursed throughout my body repairing, fighting for health. Weight reduction was the original goal.
Today, Wednesday, May 02, 2001, I have seen a multitude of changes throughout my bodily systems, something truly phenomenal. Let me explore a few of them at this time.
1) Realizing that inches come off much faster than weight, I now wear a size 18 instead of the 22 of two weeks ago.
2) The scale showed a drop of 10 pounds within this time period.
3) Energy levels have increasingly raised and the actual "need" for exercise increased substantially.
4) Morale is high because I now am able to visualize a slimmer, healthier person once again. My friends have noticed a change and commented on it.
5) The body cleanses itself frequently without medication or other assistance.
6) My frequent migraine headaches have ceased. In fact, I have experienced no headaches of any kind since that day.
7) I have not had to resort back to my three asthma inhalers since that moment.
8) My hair has begun to get shiny and appears to be stronger now with less tendency to fall out from the frequent dieting I put my body through.
There have been one or two unpleasant consequences of this healing that are also worth noting. It is my belief that these will stop once the body has completely healed.
1) Bad breath is a problem. From doing a bit of research, I have concluded that this is a manifestation of the cleansing and struggle of my digestive "juices" to break down anything that gets as far as my stomach.
2) Very frequent and spontaneous bowel movements have become something of a challenge. This is the body's way of cleansing itself and occurs after eating a meal high in fat content. This, too, shall pass as the tendency to eat more fibers and less fat is realized.
The main thing is, the weight is coming off, and the body is healthier than it has been for at least 10 years and energy levels are high.

Topic: Further Follow up
Date: 8th of May, 2001

Since receiving a massive healing through the efforts of Denis on April 18th, I have enjoyed, or at least experienced, quite a few changes in my lifestyle and in my health. These have been many and it appears that this healing is to be an ongoing thing.
First of all, the healing was originally focused on my inability to lose weight due to an inactive thyroid gland. At that time, I weighed approximately 220 pounds which is 100 pounds overweight. All of this was gained since surgery in 1981 with no real change using diet plans or even exercise.
During the healing, which occurred via telephone…Chicago to Australia, I was instructed to relax and let the internal medicos work on my organs to structure, rejuvenate and heal them. I felt, at that time, the white-hot heat flow through my body as it stopped at various problem locations. Some of these areas had been "sick" for so long that I had not even noticed the pain or discomfort any longer.
For the next two weeks my body thoroughly cleansed itself with excessive bowel movements, sometimes accompanied with severe cramps. I also found myself beginning to feel weak and then for energetic as the cleansing eased up. Drinking a lot of water became absolutely necessary and rest became vitally important. One of the most significant changes was in dress size. I went from a 22 down to an 18 with hopes of dropping even more.
Thursday, May 3rd: I have noticed several things happening worth noting.
a) My sleep patterns have changed drastically. For about 20 years I have dreaded going to bed because of recurring nightmares. This kept me from receiving a full night's rest without the aid of sleeping medication or the assistance of hypnosis. Recently, I have enjoyed quality rest for about 8 hours each night. No sleeping aids have been required.
b) All of my life, I have had frequent migraines which have forced me to limit myself to an inactive lifestyle. Since the healing, I have had absolutely no headaches of any kind.
c) About a year ago I was diagnosed with asthma which was triggered by allergies and which eventually worked itself into bronchial pneumonia. As a result of this asthma, I was forced to use three inhalers, twice a day with the third being used in emergency cases during the day. These included Serevent, Flovent and Albuteral (which was used for emergencies). They were required to ease chest congestion, wheezing and to maintain clear bronchial openings. Since the healing I have used these inhalers twice and not at all in the past week.
d) I was diagnosed with a heal spur on my right foot resulting in severely inflamed tendons. Because of this inflammation, I was unable to walk long distances, could not wear high heels, frequently fell down from the inability to put pressure on the heel area. Under doctor instructions, I was to wear "heel-cups" and walk no further than 200 feet without resting. Of course, standing became an almost impossible fete. Vioxx was prescribed for the inflammation. This began to work before the healing. However... it is apparent that after the "healing" session, the healing became much more rapid and I am now able to walk further and experience no pain at all.
e) I have lost 10 pounds to date.

Monday, May 07, 2001: The healing continues and I am feeling much better today. This weekend the body decided to undergo a massive cleansing once again which left me somewhat weak. My spirits are very high. Sleep continues to be good. Something new…my memory seems to be rejuvenating. Of course, this could be only imagination brought on my desire to see the "new and improved" me. Over the weekend, it became my dubious honor to assemble a gas grill with little help from my significant other or manufacture instructions. Unlike the past several years, I was actually able to handle this challenge...and, it worked!!! I have lost another two pounds from the cleansing. There is still no need for inhalers or headache medication. The only problem that does not seem to be correcting is my eyes. After a thorough eye exam, predicated by breaking my prescription sunglasses, two weeks ago, it was determined that my vision has deteriorated substantially from a year ago. Now I must wear trifocal glasses all of my waking hours. The size 18 dress is fitting very comfortably now and it won't be long until it will be necessary to go smaller.
August 4, 2001: I am wearing a size 14 now, have no trouble with my feet and no longer take medications for inflammation or asthma. It took a while but the healing is finally complete. Thank you, my friend, Denis.

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