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Michelle from Illinois, USA

Topic: Back Pain, Migraines, Low Blood Pressure
Date: 2001

Thank you very much for the healing. It went into the soul and healed from the inside out and, wonderfully, I feel that I am at peace with the world, my past as well as present. It feels as if some amends have been made, forgiveness is completed.
As far as physical healing, the lower back that was swayed and slightly twisted from the break, is straighter and all the pain is gone. The white heat that almost burned the lower hips removed the stresses and the nerve endings appear to be back in good condition. The heat went to the shoulders and removed the ache that was lasting from the auto accident. Then the heat traveled to the shoulders where bursitis existed and that no longer hurts. Arms can now be raised above the head where they could not go previously without a lot of pain. The head felt like a large rubber band was removed and the dull headache that usually followed migraines left almost immediately. There is no doubt that this healing alleviated the cause of the migraines, low blood pressure.

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