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Michelle from Illinois, USA

Topic: Hands, carpel tunnel syndrome.
Date: 15th of April, 2005
What a wonderful thing a phone call can be. Many healings ago, six years to be exact, I would have said that a voice could make a big difference…but it can be the difference between life without pain and fear and sheer agony.

Beginning this past November, life as I knew it began to change. Starting with repetitious kidney stones, high glucose and then carpel tunnel, pain became a way of life. Not a good way but the way things were to become.

About that time, I would wake up with fingers that were asleep. We all know the feeling with the prickly pains as the blood begins to circulate again. Following that, my wrists and hands began to radiate pain from the fingertips through to the elbow and shoulders. The latest is that the palms would not flatten and the shoulders felt like they were dislocated.

During a doctor’s visit I mentioned this new change and was sent for a very painful EMG to determine the extent of the CTS (Carpel Tunnel Syndrome). If you ever have the opportunity to have this test, don’t! They attach electrodes and you get to watch and feel your fingers and hands jump around without any help. Then, just when you get used to not being in control and figure you can handle this, they inject needles to the electrodes and you go through the ceiling…feet first. The result of all this pain and humiliation was that both wrists have CTS.

With that determination, I was sent to the surgeon to schedule surgery for February 25, 2005. Let me preface these phone calls with a bit of information about carpel tunnel syndrome or CTS as it is medically called.

Carpel Tunnel is caused when the nerves to the hand become inflamed and the ligament that closes the tunnel of bone and nerves compresses the nerves extending into the hand and back up the arm. There are several solutions to remedy the problem. The first is to wear a brace on each hand. That didn’t work. The second is to inject doses of cortisone, which would have to be repeated every three months. That’s a waste of time. The final and most radical is, of course, surgery. During this surgery, the doctors slice the ligaments releasing the nerves. There is a four-week recover period for each hand during which the patient has to remain home and undergo physical therapy. If surgery is successful, there is a 97% chance of permanent recovery but no real guarantee.

Because of the problems with CTS (Carpel Tunnel Syndrome) my body had weakened to the point of not being able to handle personal things like bathing, dressing, and even driving. Latching the seat belt in the car was an exercise in pain control. No longer was I able to handle simple things like pouring a cup of coffee, making a sandwich or fixing a bowl of cereal.

Denis and I have been in close contact for several years – until the last four months, that is. Anyway, he seemed to know something was wrong and emailed me suggesting a phone call. After some trepidation and the feeling that this was way to hard to be healed by a mere mortal we scheduled the call.

Denis called on February 11th and immediately began to relax me with the wonderful melodic tones only he can use. The next thing I knew the hands were flat again and the pain was gone. For the first time I felt the miracle in ways never before felt. After testing for pain and flexibility, I was directed to take a two-hour nap, which I did. Sleep was intense and immediate. I expected to feel stiff afterwards…which I was. Muscles were being used that had grown weak and tender. The pain itself was gone however.

It was determined that I could cancel my surgery and the phone call ended.

Unfortunately, my mind wasn’t true to the healing and I weakened once more and surgery became a necessity and was performed February 25th. Everything looked fine until the sutures were removed. By this time my body was reacting to the medications and I wasn’t able to eat or drink. Because of this I became seriously dehydrated and was rushed to the hospital for 24 hours. All meds were removed and I returned home.

Although I became stronger and physical therapy was ordered, my hands still were not working and my shoulders were completely locked. It was then that Denis called and decided to send healing energy to me. Although I am still a bit confused as to the actual method, I do know that healing worked. The hands became stronger, could flex and move and the shoulders were released in a mighty way. The pain has gone from agonizing to...GONE. The functionality has now repaired from minimal to ...virtual FULL functions of hands, shoulders and related tendons.The effects were IMMEDIATELY noticeable as a before and after, post the phone healing.When asked if there was any other needs or repairs after his energy healing, I could only reply that there was simply nothing else left to do.

As I went to therapy the following day, the technicians were amazed and said I had at least a 67% improvement on two days prior. It was wonderful.

Denis called several times since and sent energies to give more strength, remove tension due to therapy over extension. I am sure that therapy tomorrow will be even more amazing and that the visit to the surgeon will be very impressive. Thank you Denis for everything

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