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Michelle from Illinois, USA

Topic: Hands - All fingers Broken
Date: Spring, 2000

It is amazing to think of the healing these hands received last night. I know you said that I only needed to ask for this and it would be received and yet...somehow it seemed a little too vague to be real. I did ask for this, in my own way and you heard my plea.
As we spoke and focused on other things, I felt my fingers begin to loosen. A warmth began to radiate from the area of the wrist to the tips of the fingers and there was a slight tingling sensation. At first I simply thought I was imagining all of this. Then, it was as if I couldn't stop flexing the fingers and hands. I discovered that the stretch between thumb and pinky finger was incredibly more than had been experienced for years -- since the abuse and bone shattering in 1980. Although the reach is still not up to the past flexibility, I am sure that with proper exercises it will get there and I will be more than able to resume my piano playing.
Although you say you had nothing much to do with the healing, I know for a fact your energy has done what doctors have been either unable or unwilling to even attempt. (In a fit of rage, a piano lid was pulled down on the hands of this lady, breaking every bone. For much of the permanent damage, doctors said nothing could be done)

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