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Michelle from Illinois, USA

Topic: Imminent Blindness - Adjustments
Date: 28th of July, 2001

First of all, let me tell you where my vision was before the session began. I wear trifocal glasses to see at a distance, to see close and to work on my computer. As a result of extensive spousal abuse, there was substantial nerve damage and quite a lot of scar tissue, which doctors had determined, was beyond repair. Actually, I was given a statement that I should not expect to see after another year or so. That meant my career, as a graphic designer would be over. I was also a secretary and that, too, would be at an end. I was frightened of the future and had basically given up hope in this area.
After discussing, at length, my weak and failing eyesight with Denis, he agreed to work on them via telephone (I live in the Chicago area and he in Australia). A date was decided which was June 15th. I was told to be sure nothing else was planned so that I could rest for at least two days following the healing session. Work permitted me to take the 15th off and that left Saturday and Sunday for rest.
At 9 am Friday morning, I placed the call not knowing really what to expect except that I was certain it would be totally successful since Denis had done the same thing for my hands, migraines and weight reduction.
It was thrilling to hear his voice and know my new tomorrows were about to begin. . I was directed to lie down on my bed and relax. As soon as Denis began to speak my body began to relax and to focus on every word so that I would allow my body to recede into a vacuum of just his voice and my mind.
He directed a strong white light to surround me, to push out all negative thoughts about the operation, to leave only positive healing energies. Denis directed the light to enter each cell and literally burn them to their original purity and whiteness. I felt those burns ever so slightly until they converged upon a part of the body that was not totally well. . . . that at age 53, there were quite a few needing that touch. Softly and slowly this white heat covered the entire surface and invaded the interior to seek and kill those parts that were not a part of health and purity.
At that point he entered my presence and I could actually feel his hands as they directed the heat to move. The feeling of security permeated everything as he directed me to go deeper and deeper into a great sleep so that the energies could work freely without the hindrance of thought. He gave me several phrases with responses to ascertain throughout the session, that I was deep in this sleep. My eyes closed naturally and I could feel my breath slowing, my lips opening for air. I moved deeper . . . and deeper into an empty place. I felt his hands as they moved, not really on me; perhaps it was his heat that I felt. I am not sure at this point.
He commanded my body to remain motionless and then asked me to try to open my eyes. Of course, they were locked tighter than having them under lock and key. Then I was told to relax again. Everything would be okay. He asked if I trusted him, which I did and still do. Deeper and deeper.
He commanded that a link be achieved between the brain and the eyes so the strength and tissues would mend connecting the nerve endings, the muscles, and the blood vessels in a clear manner. They had been so damaged by prior activities that even the ophthalmologists were certain they were not repairable. There was a lot of scar tissue blocking my vision and Denis directed the energies to start clearing it away. He asked me if I could see the dust and debris falling away and I noted that I couldn't really see it but I felt the heaviness leaving. He asked me one of the questions and I responded quickly, without thinking.
As soon as he felt sure the links were back in place, he began to focus on colors. Denis reminded me of a wonderful color palette with vibrant colors. My minds eye saw boxes resembling pixels of color, each a different shade and each a different hue. I couldn't see images yet, just colors. He suggested that when all was over, these colors would become crisp and clear and that the images surrounding me would also become very clear.
After reassembling the parts and pieces, one by one, once again the white pulsing aura surrounded me and Denis moved away again. His heat was not felt from this point on. I was directed to slowly open my eyes and the light was too intense. He directed me to shut them once more and told me to go deep within my memory to find the actual source of the eye problems. I began the search and found, much to my dismay, a picture of my ex-husband of 20-some years ago, standing over me striking me with my small daughter trying to pull him away. It brought such anguish to see. It was a memory that had escaped recall. Perhaps that is because it was so painful. I was instructed to forgive him and release him in love and light, permanently. I felt my body tremble as I did this.
Part (the blind part) of me wanted to retain the hatred and bitterness so that I could be justified in going blind, in resenting the world and not trusting the men in my life. I just knew that if I let go of this one, I would be vulnerable to life once more. But, I did it. I let him go and pushed him away. Disappeared as an event into glistening white light forever.
Immediately, I felt lighter, almost like floating. I was free at last from the filth of the past. Those demons couldn't attack me again because I was protected by this same brilliant white light that surrounded me. I was at peace.
Denis commanded me to slowly open my eyes again. I did so and was totally amazed. Shapes became clear. They had real concise edges, which had gone unseen for ages. Without glasses, nothing was clear and many things could not be seen at all. To my embarrassment, but wonder, I was even able to see dust that I missed during my routine cleaning. Wow! It was wonderful! I looked around me and saw the bright colors in the room and the shapes that made everything come together. They were bright and delightful.
He asked me to look out the window and tell him what I could see. Although there was a great improvement, I still could not see everything at a distance as clearly as things close by. I did, however, notice that the large tree in front of me had a myriad of colors and a million leaves with little veins on them. I did see a lilac-colored house across the street that was truly ugly against the emerald green of the lawns and bushes. I was too excited at this point and needed to see everything. Denis asked that I walk around and describe what I saw which I did. It was too exciting for words and my delight went through the phone lines to him.
I was fully awake by this time and the vision increased moment by moment. I had not felt so vibrant in a long, long time and didn't want to stop looking around. Denis agreed that this was a success and that healing energies had done it again. It was wonderful!!!
After hanging up our conversation, I made an appointment to have my eyes checked again. This will take place on Monday at 11:30 am. It is hard to contain my excitement even now.
The only thing I noticed afterwards was that I was very tired. Although my body wanted to keep moving, it simply couldn't. I looked around for a while and read for a short time before sleep became imperative. I fell into a very deep, very restful natural sleep for the next five hours. When I awoke I felt extremely good and straightened up a little before settling in to wait for my significant other to return home. I just couldn't wait to see his reaction to not wearing my glasses. He didn't even notice but that doesn't matter. What does matter is that now I can see so much better than before and have every expectation of seeing many years from now.
I will never be able to repay Denis for this healing energy of his. After all, what can really repay someone for the gift of sight?

Topic: Imminent Blindness - Follow up Report
Date: 19th of June, 2001

I was at the ophthalmologist office at 11:30 am yesterday to reevaluate my eyes after the extensive, and very successful, healing process of Friday, June 15th.
Prescription sunglasses were still covering my eyes as I entered the doctor's office. They were removed as I sat patiently awaiting my turn. Finally, after about 15 minutes, I was called in a conversation ensued about how much better I was able to see now and how ineffective the glasses really were.
The doctor smiled as agreed to re-examine my eyes even though it had only been little over a month since the last exam. He kept returning to the old prescription lenses and finally accepted the fact that I simply did not require assistance to see anything in what is normally considered near vision. Everything was so clear that my right was declared 20/20 and my left 20/45. There had been substantial damage done to both but more so to the left. When it came to far sightedness, I had gone from 20/145 to 20/65 which is even better than 50%. What a relief. It wasn't just my imagination.
The doctor did not believe the results so he continued on with dilation of the pupils so that he could really look inside. The abundance of scar tissue was now minimal and the nerves looked as if someone had recently severed and reconnected them. There was no redness, no swelling.
When Denis worked on my eyes he invoked energies that simply fixed the problems. The scar tissue was seared away, nerves were reconnected to the brain, clarity was re-established.
PS-of course, different tests measure the vision in a different manner with a slightly different result but it was so apparent that the eyes had changed that the doctor kept redoing the tests. I am to return in a month for a battery of tests to make sure the equipment was running correctly. It was a lot of fun watching mouths drop and frustrated doctors doubt themselves for a change. The doctor kept asking who had worked on these eyes and I just smiled and said there was no surgery done. Of course, there was, but not the kind that doctors would understand.

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