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Michelle from Illinois, USA

Topic: Diabetes
Date: 18th of July, 2001

Arrangements were made to do a massive diabetic healing via phone on Wednesday, July 18, 2001, at 5:30 AM, Chicago time.
As I dialed Denis, there were a lot of concerns going on in my head. Realistically, how much could I really expect from a phone conversation when the problem was so intense? Could I let myself surrender to a point of letting someone else enter my body and mind to heal me? How would I react if the healing were not successful? How long would it take? How would I feel afterwards? Would I remember anything about the process? What about the duration of the healing? Would it last for a short time or be forever?
Past experience told me that this would work if I simply relaxed and Denis would take control with his powerfully strong energies. It had also told me that this would take only a short time and that I would feel better immediately. Dialing, I smiled to myself thinking of how great life would be after all was complete.
Denis answered on the first ring and immediately I began to relax. There seems to be something about him that exudes confidence that is greatly appreciated, especially in times of stress. Gently he began to direct my thoughts into a very relaxed mode. Sitting upright in my office chair, I felt myself drifting into a very deep space. It is always a little strange to be so relaxed and yet be aware of my surroundings but that is how he chooses to work. Deeper and deeper…into one of the deepest zones I've every known. Calmer, more serene, relaxed, deeper and deeper.
Finally, when Denis thought there was nothing to interfere with the healing energies, he directed me to feel a very comfortable heat begin to penetrate all parts of my afflicted body. In the case of diabetes, that would be the pancreas and all the blood vessels that were carrying the extra glucose and limiting the insulin usage. It hit my chest first and the tiny fingers of heat pinpointed various portions of my body, extending down to my feet where circulation had been restricted, to the fingertips where they had been pricked during glucose monitoring each day. I felt the heat touch my stomach and something behind it and it began to pulse quite pleasantly. This heat resembled the warmth and comfort of a leisurely visit to the beach on a lovely summer's day.
He directed the heat to enter and burn away, like a strong laser, all damaged portions of my body, correcting and healing everything. He directed me to visualize a white board with the words "Diabetes Type II" written on it. I was to take an eraser and remove the words much like the heat was doing to my body. It was astounding how quickly this improved my feeling of well-being. The entire time, the heat moved and it was consistently pleasant and comforting. I became even more relaxed and feel even deeper into a soothing sleep.
Directing the healing like an award-winning director, Denis then told my mind that the cause and effect and the memory of diabetes was to be all gone. The feeling of relaxation was to remain. Then he caused a new visualization of a switch with settings in my mind with numbers 0 to 10. Zero was the most debilitating portion of the disease and 10 was at perfect health. I was to turn the switch (mind was a round dial-like switch) to 10. For some reason mine stopped for a moment at nine before completing the effort. At last it was done. There was no more diabetes and there was a cocoon of energy to remain with me that would keep out any negative and restrictive energies.
. I found there was a new vitality, a new awakening that had been missing for some time. Interestingly enough, after hanging up the phone with Denis, I went immediately to my testing kit to "make sure" I wasn't imagining things. The readings in the past three days had all been in the mid to high 200 level which is definitely a bad thing. Today it was down to 140 that is slightly over what is recommended by my doctor. I knew, without doubt, that I was healed.
Now I get to watch as my doctor reviews the new blood work, which will be done on Saturday. It will take all my skills to keep from smiling and laughing out loud as he finds nothing wrong again! Hurray, I am healed and there is definitely no doubt the source.

Topic: Diabetes, Diagnosis and Prognosis
Date: 17th of July, 2001

Because there was no family history available, physicians were unable to determine predisposition to diseases such as diabetes. Therefore it came as a shock to receive this diagnosis last Tuesday, confirmed on Friday after additional blood testing.
Some of this should have been seen as far back as eight months ago when I was taken to the emergency unit with all the symptoms of a heart attack. Those were, if I recall, extreme nausea, sweating, erratic and racing blood pressure, chest pain and a slightly elevated temperature. At that time an EKG was taken and there was no heart attack so they ran blood tests and took x-rays to facilitate the diagnosis. Since I had a history of asthma, it was determined that it was merely an attack due to a change in medications. The results of the blood work was not available that day but were found in my records at a later date.
An appointment was made with my doctor who simply collaborated with the original diagnosis and did not notice the elevated glucose levels.
Immediately after that, I had a physical, not a very good one, which included the normal things such as weight, blood pressure, another EKG, but no blood work. He decided to rely on that past series for his baseline discovery. A mammogram was ordered and completed which found two small shadows, or nodules as they were called with a follow-up prescribed in six months. The doctor decided that no further pelvic exams were necessary since I had received a total hysterectomy in 1981.
I continued to see this doctor for other ailments that included an inflamed heel (this turned out to be the result of a heel spur) and continued problems with asthma. After seeing that nothing further was to be gained, I did not return for six months.
Then I had a severe yeast infection and needed to see a gynecologist for help in eliminating this. Since I had not had such a thing in over 20 years, it was a shock and it never occurred to me that it might be one of the signs of diabetes. The doctor there suggested that it might be symptomatic and ordered a new blood series. It showed elevated glucose and it was strongly suggested that I see my internist, which I did.
He immediately agreed that it seemed to be a symptom and that the various blood results indicated Type II diabetes. I was to make an appointment for further blood work and to see the diabetes educator and dietitian.
By this time I was terrified. No one had given me any real information about the disease and what little I knew scared me. I progressed to the computer to find out what I could and this, then, became my new obsession. I discovered that even this mild type of diabetes could lead to heart problems, kidney failure, liver failure, amputations and ultimately death if not cared for properly. It seems that other than medication, diet and exercise are the only two things that can control this non-curable disease.
I met my appointment with the educator on Friday after the new blood work was completed. The results were in. My glucose level had gone from the norm of about 90 a year ago, to 147 in February, 156 three weeks ago and now it was 167. In other words, it was progressing faster than anticipated and it was now diagnosed as a full-fledged disease.
I was given instruction in how to monitor my glucose on a daily basis and told a little more about this disease. Now I was really frightened. I was told to start really watching my diet but the appointment with the dietitian wasn't until the 24th - two weeks away. I went home and began to literally starve myself for fear of eating the wrong foods. This was actually the worst thing I could do.
Because of past experience with clinics, I began to write down everything I ate beginning on Sunday. Here is a sample of that:

2 tic tacs
1 small plum
1 cup of homemade vegetable soup (no salt or sugar)
1 Sweet 'N Low Hard candy
1 cup of homemade vegetable soup
3 pieces of Melba toast
1 small plum
1/2 cup of tuna mixed with a little celery and carrot
1-1/2 gallons of water.

That was Sunday
Monday was not much different.
8 oz. glass of Crystal Light Lemonade
1 Sweet 'N Low Hard candy
1 small peach
1/2 tuna sandwich with celery and 1 tsp. low fat mayonnaise
8 oz. glass of Crystal Light Lemonade
2 cups of homemade vegetable soup
1 gallon of water

Today began in much the same way. Then around 10:00 am the dietitian called and gave me a basic menu and that will make me feel much better quickly. You see, I was getting nauseated and was getting very, very weak. There was no way to exercise. It took all my energy to merely move.
I have several other appointments coming with a pulmonary specialist locally because the one in Chicago was not able to do anything for me.

Topic: Diabetes Update
Date: 28th of July, 2001

I spoke again with Denis on this morning and it was decided that my body was ready for a final diabetes healing. Let me explain this. Although a very thorough healing was accomplished two weeks back, not all healings completely obliterate the problem in one session. As he has said many times, everything happens in it's own prescribed time following a regular healing session. There may be other issues that temporarily cloud all elements from being cleared. While the surface is cleared and everything feels done, there may be emotional problems or other physical elements that need to be cleared before all can be completed. This is what happened here. I will also add at this time, that the body is still manifesting change as I write this.
A little additional background may be valuable at this point as well. As far back as last February, the glucose levels in my blood were slightly elevated. The normal area should be between 90 and 110 and might even push to 120. I showed 147. Unfortunately, my doctor did not realize the importance of this reading and it was not discussed. Then I incurred an infection that sent me to a different physician who, after seeing this elevation, recommended further blood work to make additional diagnosis possible. This was done and the level was at 157. It during this same time that more blood work was taken in order to obtain life insurance. The elevation was at 197 after fasting.
It was at that point that I visited my doctor again and he admitted that the possibility was strong that diabetes existed and further blood work was ordered. That test confirmed the diagnosis of Type II Diabetes and Denis agreed to handle a basic healing to see how far the disease had traveled. All went well except that after the initial session and immediate lower glucose levels, the elevations increased and remained high until this session. For some reason, these readings would not stabilize and pills (Glyburide) were prescribed to work with the diet and exercise regime ordered by my doctor.
Examples of the level jumps are as follows:

Friday: 208, 134 and 244
Saturday: 249, 134, 302 and 209
Sunday: 180, 139 and 188
Monday: 167
Tuesday: 142 and 132
Wednesday: 165
Thursday: 108
Friday: 128, 88 and 127 (All of these are "livable" ranges)
Saturday 111 settling very nicely
Sunday 135 and 116

(I felt wonderful in body/mind/spirit after the healing, and decided to try going off the prescribed medication, on Friday, to test over the weekend. So far-Sunday evening-I feel excellent: no adverse reaction, and readings excellent.)
The healing occurred on Thursday and things have begun to calm down. Let me describe what happened during the healing session as I remember it.
I entered a healing deep space, deeper than ever before and as I listened to Denis' voice, I experienced his healing touch as he sent powerful, cleansing and very positive energies to work on me. His instructions led me to relax into a deep healing zone that was to be permanent and rejuvenating with full optimization of repairs to my body. He invoked the "spiritual doctors" to make repairs in the best ways, at the best times.
Further instructions led me to see a white board with the words "Diabetes Type II" written on it. An eraser appeared in my hand to erase those words. He then instructed me to throw this board into the distant white light and watch it disappear along with the disease.
Denis then released a cocoon of bright light in the shape of an egg to surround me and every cell was instructed to light up with this intense light and heat. He asked what I saw and was told I saw the color purple which was negative energy being released. This was the dark figure of disease and negativity that was directed to run away from the bright light, and then fly away forever. It left on command. The cocoon was to only permit positive, powerful energies to enter my body.
After this, I felt refreshed and vibrant which enabled me to be at maximum operating mode of 100%. Only happiness, joy, fulfillment and happy ways are to enter my body and life from this moment on as life gets better and better.
After released from this deep, and healing relaxation, I felt energized and ready for anything. Energy levels were so high I wiggled in my chair and wanted to run a 10-mile race.

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