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Michelle from Illinois, USA

Topic: Breast Healing
Date: 15th of July, 2001

On Thursday, July 12, 2001, Denis and I were exchanging emails when I mentioned that I had just received confirmation of two spots on my breasts. On a prior mammogram, these same two spots had been seen thus requiring a follow-up series on Wednesday. Naturally, as a woman, this left me rather upset. It wouldn't have been so bad had the spots moved or disappeared. Specialists discussed the case, outlining - maybe it was a possibility of benign tumors or cysts. Of course, the more catastrophic was the possibility of breast cancer that is not all the uncommon in women of my age and medical history. In the worse case scenario, one or both of my breasts would have to be removed.
It wasn't so much the spots or even the possibility of breast removal that worried me. It was the fact that I had no control over the situation. What I mean is, I didn't do anything to cause them and I certainly could do nothing to remove them. Who knows what caused them? The doctors are very unclear about that end of the story and only they can remove them, or so I thought.
An appointment had been made for a biopsy to determine exactly what we were looking at. I would have to wait for about two weeks for the appointment and then the results would be given to me after the process was complete. I was very anxious.
Denis indicated that I should be relaxed and let him take control of the situation from this point on. After only a second of hesitation, I did just that.
I was as work and had to remain productive during the healing process this time. Usually, Denis works while I am at home and can relax into his energies. This was different. First, he asked if I trusted him, and there was no question about that.
Then he gave me his Energy Healing: that I would continue to work, that no one would notice what was going on. I would feel heat burn away the damaged tissues, with the heat intensifying every minute for 10 minutes.
As I continued to work I felt a pulse of heat seem to attack my chest cavity. It didn't bother me and was rather comfortable at first. It felt like fingers feeling their way around doing an examination, leaving me tingly where the heat had touched. This was when I found it difficult to sit up straight. The heat had penetrated so deeply that even my bra was uncomfortable for a time. I continued to sit in my chair, almost glued in place, as tiny tentacles of heat examined and grabbed hold of each breast.
Then the heat seemed to stop momentarily and then began to intensify gradually again. Around the 8th minute, my breasts were swollen slightly and were very hot. My body began to move a little, trying to adjust to the slightly burning sensation. I began to feel slightly dizzy but it was controllable and I continued to function, answering the phone, and working on the computer. Around the 10th minute it began to cool down again and other than slightly tender breasts, all was as it began.
Throughout this whole healing, when possible, I would reread the healing instructions given by Denis and would tell myself that he was in control and that if I would simply relax, all would be well. It worked.
When I started to think about what had really happened, there was a feeling of awe. Denis had done it again! He had actually reached across 12,000 miles and healed another portion of my body. There will never be enough Thanks for his talents and care.
Still slightly uncomfortable, I went back to the doctors for a repeat mammogram the next day to determine exactly what the next step would be. They could not locate either spot. They repeated the scans but from different angles -still nothing. In other words, a total healing had occurred. Doctors still are amazed and want explanations, which, of course, are difficult to make. Three different doctors reviewed the past x-rays, three doctors all agree that nothing short of a miracle has occurred.

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