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Topic: X Files type experience she related. Her story.
Date: 24th of March, 2000

Hi Denis, Thank you for getting right back to me. My name is Kyrie, my daughter and it is her computer that I am using. Do you want the whole story as I now know it to be? I am getting ready to uncover more with regression.
What I know: In 1992 I moved to a new house and I began having episodes during my sleep after midnight and before 3am. I would awaken from sleep in a TOTAL TERROR feeling as if I was in a battle for my life/soul. I could never remember what it was I was battling. I began to lose sleep. I thought I was up against sorcery, black magic... unknown. I do some energy work myself and I was trying to protect myself from "forces". I tried asking myself before I went to sleep to try and remember what was going on and one time I did bring back information that this was somehow linked to ancient Egypt. That is all I can now remember.
Anyway I went to a lot of people for help but with so little info about it really got nowhere. At the end of that summer I became convinced that I was pregnant, absolutely positive, and I've had a tubal-ligation. At about two months into it and I am sure I went for a test and found out I was not pregnant. Now I think I am crazy... but went to a shamanic healer who says some new age BS about spiritual pregnancy and having children in the spirit realm.
In a few months I moved away and to my knowledge nothing happened for a while nocturnally ... then I moved back to Vermont and started experiencing new stuff. I am laying in bed after having sex with my soon to be husband and I wake up to find several wrinkly faced beings with hoods on frantically hovering over me in a surgery kind of capacity, I batted at them but it was all very surreal. I had the idea that they were taking an egg and that it was a very lucky find for there to be sperm present at the same time and also that time was of the essence for them.
Now I think these are inter-dimensional beings of some sort this is 1995, I go to a healer in another part of the state who knows all about this. She has me working on grounding my self, canceling any contracts I may have with these beings etc. It stops for a while. Then nine months later it happens again, I go to a different healer who tells me it is about claiming my power and its a power issue who can argue with this stuff so I work with those issues for a while and activity ceases.
Now my daughter tells me she has had a dream where space ships take her and next she is in the desert with a man and a child having sex with the man. She is mortified by this and will barely tell me because for Christ sake she is 14 years old. She awakens from the dream and says this can never happen again. As far as I know it has not, my son, 9, tells me he has been taken up in a beam of light to a space ship but can't really remember what happens after that. While laying in his bed asleep.
My life since January has been a living hell. Last December I went to an energy worker who after the session the back of my head starts to buzz like an alarm clock, I had migraines for days, then it stopped. Then I went to another energy healer in January and for damn sure the "Implants" (suspected) is triggered again…and now I feel certain my eggs are being taken not once but twice a month, somehow they make me ovulate twice a month. And finally, I had just had sex with my husband fell asleep and awoke restless and moved to another bed the next thing I know I am back in bed with my husband and there are two foot wide beams of light about six feet apart and I am at the end of them. A very loud thought goes off in my mind that says I am a space station, I close my eyes and I see this blip...blip... blip...of light in the top of my head.
Also all my fear has been lifted and I am even elated at being a space station. The next morning I awoke fresh and fear free, but my inner voice said sometimes fear is a healthy thing. I from then on have read and continue to read abduction books and information regarding this forced activity. Here's the terror Denis, I have a knowing that they are almost done with me, I will be 44 on Sunday, my breading days are drawing to a close. My precious daughter is 16.I must find a way out of this for her and my nine-year old son. Others also. I commit my life to it. I completly renounce any participation in this horror of a bad project these beings are cooking up. Especially pray for the children they are creating out of this it must be hell for them.
This is my story, Kyrie

Date: 31st of March, 2000

Denis, WOW! That was great I felt like I needed to wear sunglasses out today and it was cloudy, there was so much light everywhere. You have a true gift Denis and those docs, they blew me away, I hope you are very busy in the healer trade as the universe needs you big time, thank you for your help!!! When I can get the extra money together I wonder if you would work on my family too. M is 16, Ye is 9, my husband M is 46, there are two step kids too but their mother is not into anything like this so maybe I'll pass on them for the time being. Also the card really was special to me, I've never even seen such a thing it was very sweet. Thank you very much. Kyrie

Date: 5th of April, 2000

Hi Denis, You know I sent you an e-mail this morning but I think something funky might have happened to it. When I double-checked it on my send screen it was not there. I am on a time crunch with my daughter needing the computer for homework and phone for a social life. I am now implant-free, there were fourteen, I think. The surgeons removed 80% the first session and I have asked them to come back in a few more times and they have complied. I hope this is OK with you. They are really wonderful beings and I am very grateful to them for their work. The major thing that is really working for me is the power switch that you "installed" I find it readily available for me when ever I think to imagine it. Thank you. Your sessions are great. I am recommending you to everyone though people are really skeptical or something, I can't imagine not using such a wonderful talent when it is so readily available. Thank you again. I was hoping you would next work with my 16-year old daughter who is also an "experiencer". She had a dream with space ships and a dream that a man had sex with her in the desert. This just sounds like so many abduction accounts that it is scary. She is sixteen and her name is M.... and is also having some anger problems stemming from a situation that happened to her last summer. She feels a loss of innocence and of self, I was wondering if she needed a soul retrieval and can get her one but I'd love to have the ET thing solved first. Very sincerely Kyrie

Date: 9th of April, 2000

I'll give it a shot. I sought out Denis's help for removal of implants that had been placed against my knowledge and will by some type of inter-dimensional beings. I feel the devices were there to track my whereabouts as well as for some type of reproductive/sexual agenda not of my choosing. When I received my session with Denis I was under acute sleep deprivation in my attempts to thwart abduction by these beings. It was 4:30 am US time and I was exhausted. My body felt like a block of cement and my mind was slow and cloudy. Via phone I spoke with Denis and allowed myself to relax. I drifted a bit and listened to his instructions. Before long I could feel presences in my aura "working" on me. I felt a great peace of heart and floating sensations while the work was in progress. An actual fluffiness. All my distress was lifted. The implants that had been buzzing all night felt shut off. Denis gave me suggestions that are helping me to this day recover my lost power. Within the next few days I could feel that some of the implants had been reactivated. Several times I have on my own called to Denis's healing spirits and each time they have come back in and disconnected the reactivated implants. Last night I felt in danger of abduction and could feel the main one in my head gearing up, I called for the healing Doctors and asked them if they did not have the capacity to disconnect this big one to send in someone who could, within seconds a bigger feeling presence was away at work disconnecting I hope for all time, the mother of implants that took up the right side of my head, forehead and the entire top portion of my cranium. After the work my entire head flooded with light and it feels like a river of current god force energy coming in. I have been cut off from this my whole life. I right now feel reconnected with the source as never before. Thank You and your work it is magnificent. Also, I have been to a lot of different energy workers in the past and I am marveling at this particular process. My writing ability comes from the military, as a newspaper reporter. Hence the who, what, where, quality of it. Thank You so Much Denis. PS: We are being covered in blizzard like conditions with a foot of snow as I type this.

Date: 5th of April, 2000

Hi Denis,
Nice to hear from you.
As of right now, of the fourteen implants that were in my energy field 100% of them have been deactivated. 80% were deactivated during our session, I hope this is OK with you I've called in the healers a few more times for myself, they seem to respond just the same, I am thrilled. The other very important piece that you gave me is the power switch is so real for me I can see it feel it and access it. Sometimes I have to coax it on as there is some resistance in me to full power but it is terrific. I am about to work with a person in Oklahoma who goes behind the scenes to negotiate release from the ET's in out of body state. I am sending him photos as he works from that format. I feel the next phase for me is to stop the abduction process, if they come in for me again they could reactivate implants and I'd be back to square one. Though I am now working with the Energy Matrix you gave me as well as just had a DNA activation that involves bringing the desired result, Freedom for me, to the DNA level and having it worked out from the blueprint level. I am so grateful. I am claiming myself back from lifetimes of giving myself away. This is the most powerful process I have ever encountered. Now I am wondering if I can set you up with M..., my sixteen-year-old daughter who has had "dreams" of alien encounters and having sex with one of them. She by the way tells me she never wants to have children, I wonder if this stems from the breeding program they are obviously setting her up for, God help her! There are other things about her I don't know if you need to know, but I'd have to have her permission to speak with you about. She is a being of such love that it is beautiful to be in her presence. Something bad happened to her last August and she has been angry and resentful ever since I would love to help her get through this difficult time, she has also picked up several entities on her aura that I hope to have removed from her within the next few days I like to call in Archangel Raphael to help me removing these presences but I have to meditate for a few hours for the results to happen, and I've been dealing with my own stuff first, but she is next. Very Respectfully Yours Kyrie

Date: 13th of June, 2000

Hi Denis, I have not been abducted since I began working with the guy in Oklahoma, …el is his name, he is a walk in who works with an angel that fends off and reclaims abductees from different alien groups. He found implants in me from the mantis, greys and a group were using me that he said were reptilians from another atmosphere. I only know I am sleeping and getting along rather well. I have been incredibly fortunate to find healers who are strongly legitimate because I would have given you my last pesos to resolve the situation. Your spirit healers helped me through the roughest time imaginable in this life, I would have contemplated suicide but that would have left my children clueless.

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