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"Kara" Melbourne, Australia

Topic: Migraine and Blocked valves in both legs
Date: 6th of November, 2005

Today I came home from being out with a friend and had one of the worst migraines I had ever suffered, I could not see properly, my head was spinning and I was in tears....... I called Denis and we agreed that he would perform a spiritual healing on me. I lay on my bed and totally relaxed. As I listened to Denis's voice I could see a tight band around my head, almost like a rubber band which was being stretched to its limits and it finally snapped under the pressure.....The migraine I had been suffering had immediately disappeared. I lay there feeling like I was floating in the most peaceful and loving place.
Denis went on and while he was talking I had felt a very cold and tingly feeling in my legs. (I am due to have surgery in two weeks for blockages in the legs) This feeling was not pleasant nor unpleasant, just a cold and tingly feeling almost like a numbness. I was still very relaxed and at peace with myself.......The next thing I could feel my legs detach from my body, I could see a wonderful flow of water, like a waterfall, flowing through from top to bottom. I could see the water flowing right through and breaking away all blockages........It just kept flowing - clearing and cleaning as it flowed.

Immediately after the call with Denis I remember thinking to myself that I felt like I was in the most beautiful and the most loving place with myself. I was totally peaceful and relaxed and drifted off to sleep. Had the most wonderful sleep.
The next day I had no pain and no aching in my legs and NO migraine and I felt great.......I walked miles along the beach and thought I would suffer after it but still no pain and no ache.

My grateful thanks and appreciation to you Denis for your wonderful gift of healing.....

Thank You
"Kara", Melbourne, Australia

Healing No 2 (Emotional healing)

I have just had another healing with Denis, the day after the first healing. What came from this was a decision. A decision to decide for the things I really wanted........
I had felt so much peace and things seemed so much clearer in my mind as all was taken away, it was almost like a mask was lifted from me and the most beautiful picture formed. It was a feeling of clearing and cleaning of the old. I was floating with a very light and relaxed feeling. For the first time I was able to speak about myself and what I was feeling and what I wanted. I felt special. My body and mind were finally letting go of all the negative forces that were holding me back.
Again Denis, my grateful thanks and gratitude for your wonderful gift.....

Thank you
Kara, Melbourne, Australia

Healing No 3 NOV 28 (Post Op:all pain and problems fully cleared)

I had just came home from Hospital after having an operation for blockages in the veins in the left leg and a repair of the valve in the groin. I was in incredible pain, I did have heavy doses of morphine and continued to take pain medication when I arrived home and throughout the next day. The pain medication was making me feel very sick in the stomach. After speaking with Denis, we agreed that I needed a healing so I laid on my bed and followed the instructions. I was instantly filled with a very warm feeling all over the body, I felt very relaxed and very calm - a wonderful floating feeling.........
I could actually feel Denis here with me with his hands over my legs releasing the pain. It was as though all the pain in my legs and sickness in the stomach were just vacuumed out of the body. Instantly, I could feel no pain in the leg and no sickness in the stomach. Miraculously GONE...............
I got up off the bed when it was finished and to my amazement, I could walk around unaided on that leg - (no crutches needed now, which I did need previously to help me walk.)
I continued to walk around all day and the next day with no crutches and in NO pain.......wonderful healing.

Again Denis, my heartfelt thanks to you. I am forever grateful to you.

KARA, Melbourne, Australia

Healing No 4 Dec 05 Eyesight healing

I had a very unusual experience, that happened out of the blue. Like serendipity. As my husband was driving, I just decided to call Denis, about a question regarding my eyesight.
We were driving in a country area, on a hot day,with the sea to the left. Denis just said to relax in my seat, close my eyes, and attune to healing being sent on the eyes. It was all impromptu.
I felt such an intense calmness spread throughout my body, from head to toe. Denis told me that blocking filters were being removed, that obscured at another level, some of my eyesight capacity.These came up on an energy level, from all sub optimum deep memories, that cloud the vision. He said there was renewed "wiring" being re- established between the eyes and my brain, on an optimum and balancing basis. He said my sight would have renewed clarity. And so much new vibrancy. Things would just have a magical newness with my sight. I could feel work being done on my sight, with strong heat.
Oh my god...what a gift. It was so much fun to open my eyes, and , with Denis on the phone, describe to him the views I drank in.
As I looked around, everything seemed so clear and vibrant, the colour of the sea was the most beautiful colour of blue that I had ever seen and the lush greenery was so bright.
The new colours that I was seeing almost reminded me of a picture perfect glossy postcard that someone had made up - BUT THIS WAS REAL. I couldnt believe my eyes.........haha.
I was just in awe at what I was seeing - it was truly amazing. It was as though I had had a shield over my eyes for many years and suddently it had been taken off to a brand new world of colour and excitement.
I just sat there in my seat with total amazement at this new world. What a wonderful feeling - almost like walking into Paradise.
It has stayed with me to this day( a week later.)
This healing is fantastic...sometimes I feel it cannot get better than this.A deep calm and gratitude sweeps through. An exciting easy occurrence.. Another new experience, which I was ready to receive. And "the universe" responds with gifts, set up by the vibration of intention, which Denis "beamed" to me, and I was ready to stay in the vibe of abundance, health,hope and receive this marvel .
Everyone can experience such joyous healing, if they "surrender" to such a gift of faith. To me now, I just let go, and let it happen, and it is soooooo easy. Of course, painless....and, 15 minutes. Yes, magical new sight. Wooooooooooo Hooooooooooooooo.

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