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JT from Vermont, USA

Topic: Severe Back
Date: 24th of May, 1999

Hi Denis, Thank you so much for the wonderful card.
I am too sleepy to write the full report you want. But I can tell you that my back is definitely much, much better. Last night I slept without any discomfort. Got up this AM with no stiffness. Had a few of the old twinges in the morning from sitting in one position too long--and began to doubt. But no, it is true. My back is so much better. At least 75%!! Maybe more. I have much more flexibility--without always having to protect myself from pain by restricting motion. I had the hit that maybe since some sort of healing surgery had been done, there could be some swelling that had caused the twinges I felt earlier. They are not happening now.
Again, thank you so much for the wonderful experience. One good thing is that I can tune into the energy myself. I appreciate that.

Date: 28th of May, 1999

Hi Denis
Has it been a week? Boy, time flies! My back is still good. I'd say it has leveled to about 70% better. I am very happy about it! That is a huge reduction in pain and discomfort. One isn't aware of it (the discomfort) after such a long time, but it sure is noticeable when it goes!! My eyes are clearer too!! Floaters in eyes reduced.
So again, thank you so very much!!! The experience was so light and
carefree and enjoyable. It was wonderful to access that part of myself.

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