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Janet from Melbourne, Australia

Topic:Energy Healing
Date: December 1999

I would like to share with you all my magic healing experience with Denis Healy
Denis laid me down on the floor and told me to relax and to get comfortable. He called upon the white light which I could feel, and I was floating way, way up. He then began to call all the negatives I was carrying around and told them to be gone. And one by one, I felt I had a baseball bat and I was hitting all the unwelcome thoughts into the outfield. I felt a tremendous relief and peace engulf me. I was in a very happy, positive trance. I felt a relaxation Id never felt before, and all my troubles had left me.
I felt invincible, empowered and fantastic. My heart felt full of joy and love and tranquility. The Energy Matrix we empowered before the healing also had a dramatic effect, but later on.
We made a contract to myself, and sent it to the Universe as a prayer. I sleep with that under my pillow every night and I can feel the energy surging through my hand as I touch it. It then surges to my heart and radiates a heat through all my being. I can feel it traveling to every blood vessel and nerve ending with a positive energy flow.
The euphoria of both the healing and energy matrix is still with me, one month later…not as strong as in the beginning, but definitely there as a protection against all the bad things in the world

Note from Denis. JB was basically out of it after the healing, in another space, and I, not wishing to move from her position (very deeply resting), left, and this was the way she felt for many hours...although she did get up some time later.

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