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Inna from Florida, USA

Topic: Joint healing with Inna and her Mother. Emotional Healing / Depression
Date: 6th November, 1999

Hello, Denis.
Some update on the effect of the session.
We started with my complete loss of interest for life, there was no future and my life is a big mess and me as a result in deep depression. Three hours later after session I was doing "a dance of a happy termite", which was very funny.
The next day after session I renewed my working contracts,( I was in depression for 5 months, and unable to work). I hope now I would have enough energy to do it again. Nights use to be a grate time for inspiration for me before, but lately I felt so tired and exhausted that I could spend whole day in bed and still feel tired.
Now I can see that after session my thought became clearer and better controllable. Last night I woke up at 3 am and could not sleep any more. And from that time until the morning I came up with a new type of art, that I have never seeing anybody was doing before, that I am going to try and see if it will come out the way I saw it. After that I had several small holiday gift ideas, and after that I had a vision a large project for real estate acquisition, which I could see in grate details. And it was so easy to accomplish, I wonder if in real situation it would be the same simple and easy... These "night discoveries" use to enrich my life a lot, but then I lost it for a long time and that was the first time, after a long period when I could enjoy it again.
That's where I was getting ideas when I choreographed the stage shows and dance moves, and ideas for my paintings and other artwork.
Thank you for your help, I appreciate your involvement.

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