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Eugene from Louisiana, USA

Topic: Muscle Stiffness and Asthma
Date: 13th ofJuly 1999

Hello Denis,
I'm feeling good, thanks. I'm still having problems with muscle stiffness and my asthma is still acting up, but I think this is due to vices I have. For example I smoke cigarettes, and it irritates my asthma. So, I intend on quitting smoking. But I've felt better, not as depressed or as much anxiety. And I have more energy. I don't remember if I told you but during the session I felt as if "hands" were pushing down on my abdomen, or as if someone were operating on me. It was right after you told me that I would feel heat or coolness. I felt the heat creep into my body, then, I started to shake and tremble as if someone were actually shifting things around in my body. I felt as if invisible surgeons were moving things around, stitching things up. It was painless, and I actually broke out in a smile while this was happening. After the session I felt very light, and had a deep spiritual feeling. I was very impressed. I may decide to get another session in the future, not only for the physical healing, but also for the spiritual benefits I experienced.

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