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Edie, Melbourne, Australia

EDIE, KANSAS 1/11/2003
Six months ago, I developed double vision. It happened almost over night. My left eye had become displaced where it was pointing down and to the left. I had no idea why. The double vision caused intense headaches. I as in bed for nearly a month due to this pain. I proceeded to see different doctors in 4 different states here in the US. The response I kept getting was, "oh, this is very interesting, I have never seen such a thing.?? Clearly, not something I wanted to hear. These "specialists" didn't really know why this had occurred. Some thought it was my thyroid, but all the blood tests I have taken come up normal. I was eventually referred to another specialist that decided totry intense steroid therapy. I am not sure which is worse, the double vision and headaches or the side effects of the steroids.

I finally decided to consult my dear friend, Denis . He had done a healing for me before that was incredible. I know he has helped many people and knew he could help me. I so was excited about it and knew my problem would become a thing of the past. We set up a time to chat on the phone and do a healing. Before he proceeded to the healing, we spoke at length about what I had been going thru the last several months. In talking, he made me realize something very important. By going to all these doctors, I had essentially given up my own healing powers and control. I had become dependent on unnatural healing, which clearly wasn't working. How could they heal me when they really didn't know why or how this had all happened in the first place? You hear of people being healed all the time without using prescribed medication. So, I thought to myself, why not me this time? And the answer was, yes, I can be healed thru Denis. I could take back my own healing powers and control. I don't need more medicine to "try and see if it works."

So, we proceeded to the healing part of the call. Denis has an amazing ability to relax a person. I immediately relaxed and focused only on myself and the words Denis was speaking. When we started the healing, I was feeling miserable. I had a headache, a backache, and my whole body was swollen from the steroids. As Denis was healing me, everything was just let go. I felt light as a feather. My entire body was tingling and warm in the places that were causing me pain. My body was letting go, finally. When the session was over, I was more energized than I had been in months. And my vision had actually gotten better !!!!!!!

I was feeling good for a change. It is hard to put into words the emotions I was experiencing. I wanted to laugh, cry, and jump for joy. At this point, it has been a few days since that healing, and I feel like I am getting better each day. I go thru in my mind that healing session, each and every day. It helps me to focus on my own healing powers.Since I am not totally off the steroids, we will do another session or 2. But I am totally confident that it is only a matter of time for me to be back to normal. And what a great feeling it is to know that I don't have to be healed thru medication and doctors. I can do it myself, thru Denis.

Thanks for giving me my life and sanity back, Denis.
All the best

Edie, Kansas: February 7th, 2004
Off the steroids, feeling MUCH better. The eye, however, is still a bit out of whack. I still have the double vision, but not nearly as bad. My previous doctor phoned a few weeks ago suggesting a fine needle biopsy of the muscle in the eye. My thoughts are that no one is sticking anything in my eye. The current doctors are totally against it too, thank goodness. They still don't know how to fix the problem, but at least they are honest. I won't be seeing them again anyway.

Now that I am not taking any medications, I feel that my body is not being "blocked" from healing. Denis and I decided to do another healing. This occasion, was much like the last in which, my body totally let go and relaxed. It is by far one of the best feelings a person can experience. I totally get lost in the experience. It is amazing. I feel light as a feather. I feel like I am floating on a cloud and all the negative energies are whisked from my body, leaving me pure. I also feel some tingling and warm sensations. The warmth is mainly in my face, where the healing needs to be focused. As we are going thru the healing process, Denis takes me back in time, where I see myself wearing glasses. While talking to me, he gets me to see myself without glasses. Unbeliveable!!! (note: I do not wear glasses in this lifetime) Denis brings the healing session to a close and, as usual, I am feeling better than I could imagine myself feeling.

What Denis has done for me is more than any doctor or synthetic medication could ever do. I think about how long I was on the steroids and what it could have done to my body that I don't even know. I do know that I won't be taking steroids again, in this lifetime anyway.

I thank you again, my dear Denis for who you are and what you do to affect people's lives.

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