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Edie from Kansas, USA

Topic: Update - Eyes and Headache
Date: 10th of August, 2001

Healing of the eyes/sinus infection. At this point, I had a sinus infection for 3 weeks. My body was in overload due to the stress and medications I was taking. My only hope for true recovery was Denis. I knew he could get my body to heal and cleanse itself. The sinus infection had made my right eye blurry and I was seeing double. Also, the headaches were at times unbearable.
The healing went like this:
Denis put me into a state of total relaxation. My body/mind went to a place I can only meditate about. So peaceful. No worries, no cares. I was floating.
As he proceeded, my body went into a tingling, warm sensation and then, total release. Everything that could have been weighing me down, gone.
I was in this state for at least 20 minutes. I continued to see bright
Beautiful light surrounding me with warmth. My headache, gone. The pain in my eyes/nose, gone. With every breath I took, I felt releasing. He showed me that I had the power to decrease my own pain and lock it into position. I could control my own body and how it feels. Amazing.
Since that day, my headaches have gone, for good. I have been able to see without effort or blurred/double vision. I feel renewed, finally.
Thank you Denis!!!!!!!!!!!

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