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Edie from Kansas, USA

Topic: Severe Back Pain
Date: 10th of May, 2001

Denis my dear,
Thank you for using your wonderful gift of healing on me. It is hard to believe how I am feeling today. For 5 straight weeks I could not even bend over, let alone sleep at night. I have always believed that you had this gift and each time we spoke, it was a breath of fresh air. I am so grateful for what you have done for me.
I really didn't know what to expect when the healing began, but I had full faith in you. During the healing process, I felt VERY relaxed and had not a care in the world. I can't tell you the last time I felt so at peace. I totally relaxed my body and focused on your words. As I lay there listening, I felt a warm tingling sensation throughout. Not long after, I felt a "release". It was as if the pain in my back and my entire body had been lifted out. It was absolutely amazing.
It has been almost 4 days. I am feeling better each day. The first day after the healing, I felt as if my body was cleansing itself and releasing any toxins it may have had. Now, I just am thankful for the pain being gone and the strength in my back coming back to me. You truly are a healer and a saviour.
Thank you so much!!

Topic: Severe Back Pain - A day Later
Date: Fri. May 11, 2001

(btw, it is hard to put into words how this whole thing has affected me.)
I am feeling even better today. Hmmmm.) I even got to mow the yard today. I am even feeling a bit more energy. When I wasn't feeling good, I would lie on the couch all day long. And I obviously couldn't even pick up my son, Cody. That is all behind me now, literally. I do feel a lot different. I am not expecting miracles, but it sure seems like one.
Will let you know more as time goes on.

Topic: Severe Back Pain - Follow Up
Date: May 30, 2001
STILL NO back pain. I am quite convinced that it is over and will not return anytime soon. I am concentrating on using the energy you created to continue to "heal". It still just amazes me that it went away so quickly. I now feel a renewed confidence that my body has the capability of healing itself. All I have to do is focus the right energy to get it to do so. Denis, you are a saviour. I hope you continue to touch many more lives as you have touched mine.
Take care,

Topic: Severe Back Pain - Just Received News
Date: Wed. July 18, 2001
Dear Denis,
I just wanted to let you know that since the healing you did for me, nearly 2 months ago, I am STILL pain free. It is so hard to believe. I used to suffer from headaches/backaches on a regular basis. It is just absolutely amazing to me how I have felt since that day. It is almost like something about me is "refreshed or new". Whatever it is, I am not questioning it, just loving each and every day.
Bless you!!!!!!!!!!!!

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